What will the weather be like? 

It is usually in the mid-80's, low-humidity, and sunny. You can expect a light rainfall daily, as it is the rainforest. But it comes and goes quickly and feels refreshing rather than bothersome. 

I want to share a room or bungalow but I don't know anyone else going. Is it possible?

Of course! You aren't the only one in this circumstance. This retreat attracts some of the kindest people around. You'll be matched up with folks similar to you and probably make some really great friends or pen pals. 


Which airport should I fly into?

Juan Santamaría International Airport (San Jose / Alajuela) - SJO

How much should my flight cost?

Research shows the best time to book a flight is around 4 months before your departure date. So, try and book your flight around November 5 for the best rates. If you book then, you may be able to find a good flight for $450-$500. Generally, however, flights range from $450-$700. The longer you wait, the weirder your flight will be (long layovers, weird times, etc.). Don't hestitate. Book your flight ASAP!

When should I plan to arrive?

  • If you'd like to share group transportation ($25-$35/pp) to/from Finca, please plan on the following arrival/departure times:

    • Arrive to SJO by 1:00pm

    • Depart SJO no earlier than 11:30am

  • If you plan on coming to Costa Rica early or staying late, you are still welcome to share group transportation from SJO. Just plan to arrive/depart SJO from the times listed above.

  • If you arrive/depart at times other than those listed above we will do our best to get you shared transportation. Just ask us. Otherwise, the concierge at Finca will happily arrange private transport ($110-$140) or give you instructions on public transport (6+ hours)

How much spending money will I need?

Technically, the cost of the retreat and your airfare should have you covered. However, there are a few additional ways you may want to invest your money while you are there. Here are a few examples:

  • Tips for the incredible staff ($50 for the week)

  • Tips for your drivers ($2 per ride)

  • Coconuts, smoothies during the day ($3-5)

  • Hot Springs - we usually go as a group to this one night during the trip, but you can skip this, no pressure (approx $65)

  • Farm Tours and Local Excursions, such as Night Hike in Rainforest, Chocoloate Tour, SUP on Lake Arenal, Hike to Cerro Chato, Zip Line, etc. ($ variable)

  • Spa Treatments - check out your options here ($ variable)

  • Gift store items - especially fresh turmeric, cacao, and other farm-grown items plus apparel and other gifts ($5-$30)

What if I'm not good at yoga?  

What does it mean to be good at yoga? The most relevant way we can practice yoga is through compassion. Don't worry, be nice and have fun. Regarding the poses, lots of options are always available and you'll just do what you can. Meditation? Well, no one is good at that! Just sit still for a little bit and eventually you'll feel more relaxed. If not, at least it will end. None of this suffering is permanent!

What should I bring?

We'll send out a packing list a few weeks before we depart. Some obvious things that come to mind are:

  • comfortable clothes for yoga asana + meditation

  • swimsuit (if you want to use the pool and jacuzzi)

  • lightweight rain coat

  • sturdy shoes (rugged terrain out there, folks!)

  • anyone who could also use a chill vacation and reset