Catching Up

Hello dear friends and family,

Fall is well under way (don't forget, Daylight Savings Time ends at 2am this Sunday, Nov 6) and the election of the century is nearing its conclusion. This election season has challenged my yogic ways (compassion, surrender, non-judgement, acceptance) on a daily basis and I'm really looking forward to simpler days once its over. Although, will they really be any simpler? Part of me wonders if we'll ever be able to go back after everything that has come to the surface for our society over the last year? How has it been for you?

Unrelated (?) to the election, this year has brought about many shifts for me --- I've moved into a phase of practicality and clarity (as predicted years ago by the ever-intuitive Brendan Feeley). After a decade of teaching yoga full-time, it became clear that I needed to add some other stuff into the mix. I've been working on a few awesome things, which have been helping reinvigorate my spirit and get my brain working in new and different ways. More info on that below, if you're curious.

Due to all these new endeavors, along with being committed to healing my long-term repetitive back injury once and for all, I've decided it makes the most sense for me to keep my feet on the ground for a while and limit my travel. This means I won't be leading the retreat to Costa Rica in March 2017. After so many years of constant travel, I'm curious to see what happens if I stick my feet in the ground for a little while!

Luckily, Monica is going to continue to organize the annual trip to Costa and Finca Luna Nueva and the brilliant Saraswati Om (owner of Dharma Yoga Syracuse) and Viveka Aqeel Om (DC-based Dharma Yoga teacher) are going to teach the classes. It's going to be a beautiful experience, as usual. My heart is torn but I know deep inside this is the right thing to do. If you have questions about logistics, registration, etc., you can email Monica at More information on the trip can be found at

If you're curious what I'm up to, other than teaching the yoga, here's a short summary.

  • I'm a REALTOR! What?! Brendan (vedic astrologer mentioned above) told me years ago I should look into this. I thought he was nuts. But, after buying my own house and learning about the process, I looked into it. And, well, it's pretty awesome! You can learn more about those doings at

  • Expanding my Stress Management & Mindfulness Offerings. After teaching this class at GWU for the last 8 years, and hearing consistently from adults - "Wow, I need to take that class," I finally have the space to bring it to adults. I've been teaching a class at Radiance Yoga in Old Town since September and I have new sessions starting in January at Radiance and Flow. You can learn more about that here:

  • I've been dreaming up something for a few years now and I've finally partnered up with someone who has the same vision as me. The project is slowly brewing under the radar but stay tuned for what's ahead. You can probably catch a hint of it if you're following me on social media - and for those of you that want to take a meditation class with me, I will be live-streaming and publishing the sequence for my Friday 11:50-12:20 Meditation Class weekly! (Last week's class is on my FB page now)

I love hearing from you - there are so many of you that don't live in DC - and I wonder how you are? What kind of stuff have you been up to?

As we wrap up this election season, I offer you this - Remember the practice of surrender. We can't control anyone's thoughts or actions, we can only control our own and our response to others. Use this, along with breathing techniques, meditation, or yoga nidra, to help you remain steady and easy. And, for goodness sake, LOVE EACH OTHER!!!

All My Love,


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