I am you. You are me.

I am you. You are me. You suffer = I suffer.

It is a very uncomfortable way to live in this world most times, as it involves a lot of extra pain and suffering (and sometimes extreme joy and exuberance also.) But there are boundaries and coping mechanisms you can employ to manage that pain. I use them every day. I can teach you, too.

If something deep inside you feels sadness, anger, grief, fear, anything about what happened in Charlottesville (racism, hate, division in our country) don't stuff it down. Let it rise. Cry and speak up. Be heard. Keep practicing compassion.

My insight on all this - a bulb shines brightest before it burns out. These expressions of hate we are experiencing do not represent the majority. It's the minority. And it hurts you/me/us so deeply because we are the same. Because of this it feels big, it feels like everything. But it isn't. This is near the last of this we will see. These folks are scared because they feel threatened. Their presence is dwindling, their membership is shrinking. Love is here. Love is conquering. Love actually is all around us. (Thank you, Hugh Grant, for that one).

Have faith in our country, have faith in the young folks who see no difference in skin color, gender, sexuality....who can't even fathom a justification for inequality. Have faith in the divine. This is not permanent. We are still upgrading. We are still progressing. We are still one. We just gotta ride the wave.

Remember though, don't be quiet, don't stuff it down. Let it rise. Be heard. But above all, be nice!

"Hate never yet dispelled hate. Only love can do that. This is the law. Ancient and inexhaustible." - The Dhammapada

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