It's Not Permanent.

I made my bed the last 2 days.

I drove to NJ and back in 48 hours last week without it crippling me for days.

I (somewhat) casually reached over and picked something up off the floor yesterday.

This may seem like not much to some of you - but, let me tell you, this is a magnificent development for me. These simple things have been completely outside the realm of possibility for the last 5+ years. It has taken me 17 months of committed, dedicated rehabilitation to get to this point. I want to jump up and down I am so excited! And....I can! I can actually jump up and down, also! I'm not all the way there, and it still takes me a good hour or so to be able to feel good in the morning, but I sure have come a long way.

One of the mantras that worked for me - "My body is a miraculous, healing machine. My body is a miraculous, healing machine. My body is a miraculous, healing machine......."

For those of you struggling with chronic pain, repetitive injury, or anything else that is making you feel disappointed and disconnected from your body - don't lose hope.

Patience and determination. You got this.

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