First of all, these people:
These are just a few of the people that work at Finca, who happen to be some of the kindest people you'll ever meet. Ismael (left) is the knowledgable tour guide, Joseph (middle) is a scientist studying the benefits of regenerative organic farming and carbon sequestration, and Steven is the main farmer, manager and co-owner. Not pictured here are the incredible desk staff, kitchen staff, and cleaning staff. 
Over the 5 visits I have made to Finca, I have hardly seen any new faces. They have an extraordinarily low turnaround because they treat their people so well. When you visit the farm you immediately become part of the family. If you go back, they'll remember you. No doubt. 
Second, this farm life:
Here are a just a few scenes from around the farm. Pictures can't do it justice. But we certainly do try every year! 
You are surrounded by pure, natural beauty and become completely in sync with nature. What a difference from city life. 
Finally, this vacation life:
You'll sleep 8-9 hours a night.
You'll get in a rhythym with nature, rising and retiring along with the sun.
You'll get in a habit of daily meditation and yoga nidra.
Your asana practice will improve (if you want it to).
You'll get stronger.
You'll make new friends.
You'll be nourished through fresh and nutritious food, good community, and deep, jungle sleep.
You'll be surrounded by color daily.
When you aren't practicing together, we'll know where to find you if you didn't leave the farm:
  • getting a spa treatment
  • in the jacuzzi/pool or laying around it getting sun
  • sitting in the kitchen area chatting
  • napping in a hammock
  • doing something in the yoga pavilion
  • walking through the rainforest (bring a friend, please!)
  • hiding in your room (very rare, but you may want to from time to time. all good!)
  • checking your email (yes, there is internet. lame. try to unplug! but, if you can't, the world wide web will always be one WiFi tap away.)



Third, sangha and satsang:
Sangha means community. Satsang means gathering of like-minded people.

Even the introverts get excited about each other. You can't help it. The people that come on this retreat are one-of-a-kind. They'll have your back when they don't even know your last name. They'll hold your hand if you cry, they'll give you space when you need it, and they'll make you laugh if you get too serious. They just will. It's the magic of Finca. Come be with nice people. It feels nice.